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This website is dedicated to only one french stamp: the red 0,50F Marianne de Béquet. It can seem surprising because this stamp only occupies two or three lines in non-specialized catalogs. Nevertheless, as I will try to show, this stamp is fascinating to study.

This website will be developed into three parts:

  • A technical study that will present the stages having led to the birth of this stamp, its genesis and special editions linked to this stamp;
  • A study of the various presentations of the stamp : sheets, booklets and coils;
  • A mail study of this stamp.

Note: I am a French philatelist. Since English is not my native language, I am sure that some awkward turns of phrase or even poor translations can be found throughout the articles published on this site. If some English or US readers are ready to suggest me improvements to the text of my articles, I will not fail to take their comments into account in order to improve the linguistic part of this site. Thank you in advance to those who will accept to play that game.

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